SYD Uni - Engineering Technology Precinct

HVAC mechanical services including duct and pipe work install, fan and pump skids

The Challenge

Budget constraints, accelerated program, new build connected with existing structure, difficult access to roof and atrium based on availability of crane onsite.

The Solution

We designed, manufactured and installed 3 prefabricated duct risers (levels 1-10) to meet program dates, integrated HVAC solution between the new and old buildings, designed, manufactured and installed exhaust roof fan skids and pump skids which avoided the need to rig into difficult tight positions with limited access.

The Result

“PFS installed 3 risers in just 3 days where a traditional build would’ve taken 9 weeks. They displayed a deep level of technical understanding and delivered a superior product through the design, manufacture, and construction phases of our project They delivered ahead of schedule and on budget.”