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Environmental Social Governance

Proven results & sustainable solutions

At Sydmec we focus on value engineering and optimal designs for the application, user group requirements, program, and budget. We want to leave a legacy on our community through the design and delivery of quality jobs.


At Sydmec we strive to reduce and minimise all forms of waste across the end-end construction lifecycle – from design to commissioning. By integrating multiple services into the structure, reducing the amount of labour onsite, less crane lifts and material handling tasks, we will continue to capitalise on the benefits of offsite construction and contribute to the sustainability of the construction industry.


At Sydmec we are committed to demonstrating social responsibility, championing the highest levels of safety, quality, and employee well-being across our business. Social responsibility strengthens relationships with all our stakeholders, including clients, employees, and our suppliers. It aligns our values with our actions, fostering a sense of purpose and fulfillment among our team.


At Sydmec, we prioritize effective governance to cultivate a healthy and productive business aligning the actions of individuals with our strategic goals. Our culture, policies, procedures, and decision-making structures guide the conduct of individuals and teams. Our approach ensures transparency, management of risks, accountability, and ethical behaviour, building a foundation for trust among our employees and clients.