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Environmental Management & Sustainability Policy

Established in 1996 and rebranded in 2018, Sydmec has become a leader in precision-engineered Mechanical Services Solutions, with a focus on innovative mechanical design & prefabrication of multi-services solutions for the construction industry. With an inhouse self-delivery model, we empower faster construction timelines, optimised project budgets and safer working conditions. All of it to accelerate success and maximise value on every project, every time.

Our goal is to design and install mechanical services in a manner that manages critical path to reduce overall construction program, to improve productivity, buildability, quality & safety whilst optimising project budgets.

We recognize that our activities have both direct and indirect effects on the environment, and we aim to be responsible stewards of the natural resources we use. We do this by optimising the design so that it meets the required energy performance and system efficiency and move a significant number of services install labour offsite to a factory environment where safety, quality, productivity, and waste are carefully managed.

Sydmec’s objectives are to;

  • Identify and manage risks for work activities to minimize impacts on the environment including in the production, use of materials, disposal, construction, and transportation techniques.
  • Ensure environmental awareness and encourage respect for the environment by staff, subcontractors, and suppliers.
  • Continue to develop innovative solutions which integrate multiple services into the structure, capitalising on the significant environmental benefits of offsite construction.
  • Measure environmental impact on major projects through the introduction of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) with the aim of demonstrating reduction in Co2e across all aspects of a project.
  • Reduce pollution (noise, air, and ground) through the adoption of processes, practices, materials, equipment, and products that avoid, reduce, or control pollution.

It is our policy to address environmental issues and comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations. The business is dedicated to making a positive contribution to environmental protection and sustainability within the Australian building industry. To achieve these goals, Sydmec will implement, maintain, and continually improve its Environmental Policies and Procedures in accordance with ISO14001:2015. These systems will be applied to all projects we undertake.

Responsibility: Management is responsible for implementing and maintaining this Environmental Policy. All employees and subcontractors are responsible for adhering to the principles outlined in this policy and reporting any environmental concerns.

Communication: We will communicate our commitment to environmental sustainability to all stakeholders, including clients, suppliers, and the public. This policy will be made available to the public on our website.

Review and Updates:

This Environmental Policy will be reviewed annually and updated as necessary to reflect changes in environmental laws, regulations, or company operations.